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Life Is Too Short To Live In Clutter...End Frustration & Embarrassment!



We can help you manage what seems unmanageable to you. We can determine where to start and what needs to be done to whittle away the overwhelm, the embarrassment and frustration. We work with you to bring focus and action to your life.

Energy Zapped?

Yes, clutter and disorganization can suck the life out of you. You're tired of living this way and we can help you get energized to make the changes you need.

Unique Challenges?

Everyone has different challenges. Some situations require special support.

-Lifelong Disorganization


-Learning Differences

-Physical Challenges -Health Issues


-Students: organizing for school and at home



"I have had teachers say nice things about H in the past but well organized has never been one of them ! I know you deserve some of the credit for that!" - Christine N.


"I can't express enough how invaluable all your help has been to me during this past year! You helped me realize that organizing was only part of the problem - more importantly the reasons behind the problem were equally important. You were always patient and kind and very sincere. I came to look forward to seeing you just as I would a good friend - despite the towering task we might be tackling.

I continue to use all your advice to help me stay organized but I might need to come up with a new project just so I have an excuse to have you come back!!" - Trish P.

"What a difference Denise made in my life! Family and friends consider me organized but I knew I was 'stuck' with a basement area used for storage, hobbies and laundry. The area was so loaded with 'stuff' that I couldn't enjoy time spent on hobbies. I needed help and Denise delivered. She is creative, practical, knowledgeable and has a style that makes it very easy to hear, 'What do you use that for (a.k.a. do you really need that)'! I have high standards and was thoroughly impressed. I am enjoying what feels like a new space...thanks to Denise. She really did make all the difference." - Brenda D.

“I run my own Executive Coaching and Management Consulting firm, manage my household, and raise two beautiful children currently under the age of two. Needless-to-say my household and my life are extremely fast paced. I had spent months beating myself up with frustration because I couldn’t seem to keep on top of all of the household and business management activities. Something always seemed to be falling through the cracks, paper had taken control, and deadlines/appointments were getting missed. It seemed like a struggle to get anything done. A friend suggested that I call Denise at Clear Spaces, and that was the suggestion that changed my life. Denise worked with me to customize systems of organization that allow me to maintain the life and business race with balance and grace. She helped me to explore the practices that were not working for me, and coached me through the implementation of strategies that ensured my success. Clear Spaces has become my “Go To” resource for clearing every room in my house and structuring every management function in my business.” - Rhonda B.

"Thanks again for all of your help and wisdom in helping me get my space organized! Your methods of "compassionate clearing" helped me get the focus I needed to rationally figure out what things are necessary and useful for my life NOW, and what things are best to pass on to someone else or toss.
My husband, son, and I have gained so much peace by having our space more organized, so we can find the things we need and love quickly and efficiently. Best of all, you taught me new thought processes to help me on my organizing path when I'm doing it solo!"
-Amy G.

"As a Senior, living with so much accumulated over the years, I felt overwhelmed until I received her services.
I am enjoying my home much better. I can find things and I feel less stressed."
- L. Smith

"You helped me to go through boxes of family papers and decide which ones I wanted to keep. You were a huge help. I couldn't have done it without someone's help and a friend referred me to you. Thanks again for helping me with a challenging and emotional task." - Lois T.