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The Jump Start: Analysis & Planning 



We can help you create a plan to become more organized. Our diagnostic Jump Start Package provides you with a detailed analysis of your environment and situation. Once we pinpoint what works and what doesn't, we lay out the steps needed to create the organization you crave. We can recommend organizing tools and support services that can help you reach your goals. The Jump Start Package is available as a stand-alone product or as the first step to a large organizing project.

The four-hour diagnostic assessment provides you with the written analysis of your organizing systems and what you can do to improve them. The assessment has two focal points:

1) the habits and systems that are needed and

2)the tools and services that will support your goals.

The diagnostic assessment is available as a stand-alone package or as the introduction to a large organizing project.


Decluttering & Organizing



When too much stuff is too much to face, we can help. We work with you to reduce the clutter and the frustration so you can keep on the path of your organizing goals. We support your decision-making regarding what to keep and what to release.

We can arrange for charity donations, hauling, or other support services. Based on your lifestyle, personality and processing style we'll work with you to create organizing systems that support your needs.

We provide

- project management

- hands on help

- sorting

- coaching

- system design

- arrange for support services (like hauling and donations)

- shopping

Choose the services that you want to support your goals.

Choose how frequently you want to work together.

Organizing is available for adults and children.

Appointments are a minimum of three hours long.

Larger projects may qualify for a lower rate


Coaching for Adults and Students

coaching puzzle

Coaching is a collaborative process utilizing powerful conversations to help you develop and reach your goals. The conversations focus on awareness, action and learning. Coaching is available as part of on-site organizing sessions or as stand-alone sessions. Coaching on-site helps create individualized and maintainable systems. Stand-alone phone coaching can support an organizing project or creating the life you want to live.

Do you have trouble following-through on your goals? Break through your barriers with phone coaching. Create awareness, design actions, and create learning in a safe coaching relationship that provides support and accountability.


$50 for a 45-minute session.

Three - four sessions per month.

Billed monthly.

Unless otherwise stated, payment is due at the end of an appointment.
Cash, Checks, Mastercard and Visa are accepted.
Client is responsible for the cost of the organizing supplies and other services (hauling, for example).
Cancellation fee ($75) will be charged when an appointment is canceled without 48-hours notice.
Bonded and insured.