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Trash Talk And Decluttering

Our last chapter meeting of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals featured the perfect educational program for Earth Day: members of the Waste Diversion program from St. Louis County Department of Health spoke about trash and recycling. And it was fascinating! I thought I’d share some nuggets of information with you. Let’s talk…

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What Do I Do? My Parents Are Hoarding

Photo of older woman wiping tears from her eyes. Photo by Jeremy Wong on Unsplash

It‘s painful to see people you care about put themselves in a precarious situation. Our natural inclination is to jump in and fix the problem so we can make the situation better. Here’s the rub, our efforts to help can actually worsen the situation. Typically, I get a phone call or two each week from…

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Decluttering Cookbooks When You Love Them

We were working in my client’s newly renovated kitchen finding new homes for its contents when we opened up box one of several boxes of cookbooks.  “The cookbooks! Where do they go!?” exclaimed Angela (not her real name, of course).  Angela loves her cookbooks. Prior to the renovation, the cookbooks resided in a bookshelf that…

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The Importance of Self Care

Denise’s note: I emphasis the importance of self-care with my clients. It is practically impossible to manage one’s life if mental and physical health are constantly sabotaged due to poor self-care. Speaking to this point is guest writer Amy Lee who is currently studying at Kansas University as a dietitian intern. And yes, Amy is…

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Calendars, Mistakes and the Power of Grace

Oh No! graphic

As a Boy Scout leader, I volunteer for a variety of events. My schedule as a volunteer is rather heavy, and I am careful to note obligations on my calendar. Having everything on my calendar helps me plan all the details of each event from the timeline to the checklists. Proactively planning helps me keep…

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The Hunt For The Perfect Planner – Which Calendar Format?

Plan Your Day

The subject of planners comes up often in my discussions. It seems like everyone is on the hunt for the perfect planner and that hunt is a never ending and overwhelming task for many people. There are thousands of planners on the market with the attractive promise of helping us get our proverbial act together.…

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Awareness: The First Step of Decluttering

mind clutter

The wise organizing guru Barbara Hemphill stated, “Clutter is postponed decisions.” I believe that clutter can also result from thinking in a way that does not serve us well. How we think about our stuff, our time and ourselves shapes our decisions, our feelings and our actions. For reasons of economy the way we interact…

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What To Do With Tattered Socks, Tees & Underwear

  If your underwear, tee and sock drawers are overflowing with items that make you cringe, it is time for a purge. If you’re a person who doesn’t want to “waste” items just because they are in bad shape, I have good news for you. Underwear, tees, socks and bras can be discarded in a…

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What’s Rewarding About That Pile of School Stuff?

School is out for summer. Ya-hoo! On the downside, summer vacation means that all of the papers, projects, and books that lived in your child’s desk or locker are now taking up residence in your home.  And while it’s good to give your child a break from thinking about school, addressing the stack of school…

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