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A More Hopeful Outcome For A Family Member’s Hoarding

“Look at this mess! Mom, how can you live this way?” The daughter was clearly upset, but her comments only upset her mom. “Be nice. You don’t have the right to talk to me that way. How I live is my business.” Perhaps you’ve experienced a similar interchange. The daughter was concerned about her mom’s…

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24 Hours: Organize Your Thoughts and Plans

If you had 24-hour notice of an impending disaster, what would you try to save in your home? In an emergency, there is no time to hem and haw. Priorities have to be established and decisions made quickly. Organizers use this question sometimes to help clients determine what is valuable to them – it can…

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Getting Yourself Organized For Nasty Weather

Truth be told, I’m a bit of a weather fanatic. When the weather turns ugly, I can often be found checking weather apps and watching the local weather reports. Part of my keen interest is due to scientific curiosity. The other part is due to a healthy concern for safety. As interesting as weather is,…

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Let’s Stop Blaming Mom

Occasionally I work with someone who tells me that they are disorganized because their mom was disorganized.  Occasionally I work with someone who tells me that they are disorganized because their mom was so organized it was frightening. Let’s stop blaming mom. Let’s focus on what you can do. It’s your choices and your action…

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Old School Versus New School Organizing: Some Things Never Change

Before smart phones, I used to carry a tiny notebook and small calendar in my purse. Everything I wanted to remember went into the notebook while every appointment and event went into the calendar. These two little things helped me remember things that would have been easily forgotten. When friends recommended books to read, I…

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Trash Talk And Decluttering

Our last chapter meeting of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals featured the perfect educational program for Earth Day: members of the Waste Diversion program from St. Louis County Department of Health spoke about trash and recycling. And it was fascinating! I thought I’d share some nuggets of information with you. Let’s talk…

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What Do I Do? My Parents Are Hoarding

Photo of older woman wiping tears from her eyes. Photo by Jeremy Wong on Unsplash

It‘s painful to see people you care about put themselves in a precarious situation. Our natural inclination is to jump in and fix the problem so we can make the situation better. Here’s the rub, our efforts to help can actually worsen the situation. Typically, I get a phone call or two each week from…

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Decluttering Cookbooks When You Love Them

We were working in my client’s newly renovated kitchen finding new homes for its contents when we opened up box one of several boxes of cookbooks.  “The cookbooks! Where do they go!?” exclaimed Angela (not her real name, of course).  Angela loves her cookbooks. Prior to the renovation, the cookbooks resided in a bookshelf that…

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The Importance of Self Care

Denise’s note: I emphasis the importance of self-care with my clients. It is practically impossible to manage one’s life if mental and physical health are constantly sabotaged due to poor self-care. Speaking to this point is guest writer Amy Lee who is currently studying at Kansas University as a dietitian intern. And yes, Amy is…

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